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Dialoguing with the market to gain competitive edge

4IT Group observes the ICT, Graphic Arts and Business Communication markets, talks about its trends, intercepts changes in it and is ahead of the game on its opportunities.

It pulls together skills and reports, and creates networking opportunities.

It publishes content that transforms culture and information.

It cultivates its carefully selected contacts that have been gathered through 18 years work on behalf of associations, working groups and companies in High Tech and Information Technology.

Skill Areas

Digital printing in office and production settings. Products and solutions to make the treatment of printed documents more effective, business communication applications, high volume printing projects and implementations, optimization of the use of consumables and printing supports.
Document life-cycle management and Enterprise Content Management. The correct structuring of information. Processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness for the taking of strategic decisions in communications, in dialogues with clients and towards the target market.
Sustainable business models in the office and in graphics arts. The eco-compatible strategies that improve the company’s finances. Green marketing tools to improve company running and stimulate choices in line with an ecological conscience and responsible consumer behaviour.

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